PC Players Unite! Petition to bring SEGA titles to PC


Twitter users took to their keyboards today and sent out 140 character reminders to SEGA that PC players would love some of the gaming goodness that has graced consoles players the last couple of years.

Titles being requested include Virtua Fighter, Vanquish, Yakuza, and Valkyria Chronicles. There is currently a petition up at NEOGAF. Check it out and support the PC players!

I am thinking a steam box and a bunch of quality SEGA games…I could color code it to look like a Dreamcast 2!

[Source: NEOGAF]

Alien: Isolation Announced for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360

I’ve been patiently awaiting a new SEGA game for my next-gen now current gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) – so I’m am stoked for this survival horror entry.

Here is what has me excited – and yes, I bought the collector’s of Colional Marines…so I know to be cautious after that buggy 5 hour mess:

  1. Single Player Focus – None of that multiplayer crap to muck up a good story.
  2. Built inhouse at SEGA – Seeing that SEGA owns Creative Assemebly we can safely assume that the funds for Aliens won’t be diverted to fund Borderlands 3.
  3. CRT not LCD! – Look at the screens…lots of details that fit the universe and not fight against the 80s style.

Check out the developer diary after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Mega Drive/Genesis Documentary Art Book on Kickstarter ‏is Licensed by SEGA

One of my mid-year resolutions was to stop supporting kickstarters for a little while because my wallet is pretty thin and my holiday shopping has yet to commence.

However, once I saw this project – I decided I needed a present for me! Check out the kickstarter: here. Read the rest of this entry »

How the F*!K is Mutant League Football Not Funded on Kickstarter?

I gotta say…this has me stumped SEGA fans –  I absolutely adore my Genesis copy of Mutant League Hockey…and I can only see more of that happening if Mutant League Football is rekindled. In fact, I’m pretty sure Michael Mendheim would love to do it. Both Mutant League games routinely appear on the “Best of” Genesis lists.

Something about those mid-90s sports titles are so special. Kind of like how the best thing about NHL 13 is the ’94 Anniversary mode.

I always thought of the Mutant League titles as sports games for non-sports game fans. They were bloody and silly and fun. Better yet they always had a much longer shelf life than one year (in fact, I may boot MLH right now).

The game needs a lot of support to get funded but there is an Xbox 360 port planned. The team is asking for $750,000 to make it work. Let’s make it happen…for the love of hockey!

Check out more info about the Mutant League titles: here.

[Source: Kickstarter]

One Week Left for River City Ransom Underground Kickstarter and 25% Left to Go!


I was kind of holding out hope that River City Ransom Underground would get funded enough to hit the PS4 stretch goal but with one week left to go – I just want the ability to play it!

Hopefully a few of the folks who brought Shantae and Mighty No. 9 to fruition will kick in to this Canadian project. Only 25% left to go to reach the $180,000 goal. Read up on the history of the kunio series: here.

There are tons of options that include t-shirts, cds, and replica boxes. Let’s make happen!

[Source: Kickstarter]

Local Kickstarter – River City Ransom: Underground

I haven’t written on here recently as I am pissed that SEGA hasn’t handed Yakuza 5 over to Atlus for a Western release or upped the size of Yakuza team for a western release. Nagoshi announced to EDGE that it just isn’t in the works right now: see here. At the current rate of things my PS4 won’t get Yakuza Isshin either.

However, onto other important matters – here is a game we can totally get in the West and is being made right here in Canada – River City Ransom: Underground. I have totally put my money where my mouth is as this is going to be an awesome little title. Hopefully, it gets funded and I get some friends down to take this game for a ride. They are seeking $180,000 with $280,000 allowing for a PS4 edition. A PC game download starts at $15.

If you have never played the original action-rpg…boot up a Wii and download it on the Virtual Console – it is damn fine stuff. I am hoping it will eventually land on home consoles.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Let’s dance with GO DANCE!

Have you ever wanted to play a dancing game similar to Ubisoft’s, Just Dance series while on the go? Well now you can for only $1.99, with Sega’s GO DANCE! for iOS.

This recently released dancing game published by Sega uses your iDevice’s camera to track your dance moves similar to the Xbox Kinnect. GO DANCE! boasts an array of pop and hip hop music, of which you’ve probably never heard of before!

Will this genre of games become popular on iOS now due to GO DANCE! ‘s release? Only time will tell.

So, are you planning on buying this app anytime in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

[Taken from my article on Sega Addicts]

SEGA Now Owns Index Holdings (Atlus)!

SEGA distributing Atlus titles

SEGA struck a deal to a while back to distribute Atlus titles in Japan but now they outright own the company. The purchase is confirmed by Index Holdings and the buying price is 141.6 million or 14 billion yen.

I really excited for this prospect – by owning a boutique videogame label that knows how to turn a profit on its niche titles, hopefully we can see games like Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles be released in the West in fancy editions with small print runs. Atlus must have a great inhouse translation team, too!

Also, who else wants Persona X Fire Emblem X Valkyria Chronicles? Am I right?! Even Persona X Fire Emblem is technically now half a SEGA game.

[Source: Joystiq]

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