One of the major issues involving the recently released Yakuza 3 is the fact that many hardcore and vocal fans are unclear of the exact content and the “amount” of game that is missing due to the decisions made by the localization team (for whatever reason from budget to time).

We can argue back in forth if the cut content matters against the main storyline – when a unreleased title is essentially 100% cut content but let us focus on the very Zen appreciation of clarity.

I think it is worth compiling a list of cuts for the fanbase so they can make a informed decision about the title – no matter if they bought three copies or cancelled their pre-order.

This may be a list that needs updating and if you have insight – drop us a line by commenting on the article and we will add it to the post:

Here are the cuts spotted by fans and posted on the SEGA blogs by Tim and Deekman (who gave fans the new Canadian Cover):


  • Shogi has been removed.
  • Mahjong has been removed.
  • The trivia game Answer X Answer has been removed.
  • Massage parlors have been removed.
  • You can no longer go on paid dates with hostess girls.
  • You can no longer manage a hostess club.
  • You can no longer find girls to employ as hostesses and customize them, since you no longer manage a hostess club.

Cut Side Missions (Which often relate to the decision to cut the Hostess bars)

  • I Wanna Go to Tokyo pt. 1
  • The Brewer’s Treasure
  • Make the No. 1 Cabaret Club Girl!
  • English Conversation Solicitor step 1
  • English Conversation Solicitor step 2
  • Love’s Cupid
  • Love’s Cupid Continues
  • Love’s Cupid Continues Again
  • A Trip Before Marriage

Note: According to kilika829 940 of the quests were cut for chapter 3-4

Missing Side Missions Chapter 5

  • Manga Artist Debut (Mangaka Debut)
  • The Runaway Phone Chat Girl (Terekura Iede Musume)
  • I Wanna Go to Tokyo pt. 2
  • Great Genius Showdown
  • Is she talking about me…?
  • Ayukawa Rina*

*You cannot date her. In the RGG3 you can date 10 girls, for whatever reason 1 of them didn’t make it overseas.

Missing Side Missions Chapter 56 - from the SEGA forums *Thanks CutContent3

A Satisfying Yakuza (Iyashiikei Yakuza) I imagine that the cut content is more reflective of budget constraints put on a franchise that has had very little success in the West than the befuddled decision makers at SEGA parsing out content that they believed is not appropriate for the audience.

That said, I’m enjoying the title and and hardcore fans shouldn’t color the idea of new fans that have yet to experience any Yakuza title.

If you have sniffed out any more missing content let us know – we will post it and give you credit.