The crack team at have cracked open the latest issue of Famitsu and poured the awesome SEGA contents all over the internet floor. Here is a rundown of some of features of Virtual On Force:

  • The 2001 Arcade title will be getting an HD facelift
  • The title will utilize version 7.7 from the Arcade as its basis
  • It will feature the largest cast of VOOTs weighing in with more than 13 units (plus color variations)
  • The game is set to feature full online Xbox Live Support
  • The full 2-on-2 experience will be faithfully translated including co-op boss fights & 2-on-2 “Leader” battles (Like VIP in Halo)
  • Single player Mission Mode to unlock Mechs and practice mode to train partner AI
  • Four-player split-screen action
  • Item unlocks!
  • The title is only 30% complete and is heading to Japanese Xbox 360s this winter.

Funny enough, that curious SEGA counter is still counting down which means we are either still waiting for a reveal or it will be no surprise when it is finished. Hopefully, it will launch the site and maybe give us a trailer.