SEGA of Japan released some screens of the Extra Edition of Valkyria Chronicles III to Famitsu. Sigh. If only I could be writing that the game is heading our way…but the extra edition is the “small” announcement. I guess the game getting ported to the West would be a huge announcement.

The extended version of the game brings with it three new episodes. Sega is also packing in some of the original’s download content, including two popular download missions and the content that was distributed to pre-orderers and mobile fan club members.

Gamers who have the earlier edition of the game can import their save. Also, one of the three new episodes features Carisa – the Nameless’ squads weapon/supply dealer.

Deapite it being a budget “re-release” the game will still cost 3990 yen which is roughly $50! Hopefully, the West will get this bundled edition of the game!